Check out These Easy 2022 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas!

With so much time on our hands over the past year or two and so much of it spent at home, many people have turned to their kitchens putting that “busiest room in the house” saying to the test.

Whether you’ve started a home cookie baking company or just resolved to eat more home-cooked, healthy meals, this is also a great time for kitchen remodeling so you get the most from your space.

As we head into 2022, here are 5 popular trends that kitchen remodelers are seeing as more homeowners invest in their existing homes to make them more useful and comfortable spaces.

  1. Vintage Style - The classic looks of the 1950s and earlier are making a comeback as kitchen redesign companies see vintage styles gaining popularity again. Farm tables, cabinets with old-fashioned pulls and knobs, and even vintage-styled appliances add great character to any kitchen. Retro diner style in red, white, and teal is also trending, for creating a fun atmosphere.
  2. The Color Green - Muted greens and other natural colors like “greige” and muted smokey blues have taken over kitchen color palettes as more people strive to bring some nature inside. Cabinets, islands, and other components in muted green offer a great backdrop for marble countertops and backsplashes.
  3. Marble Surfaces - Veined marble is the surface of choice according to many kitchen remodelers as we head into a new year. White and gray with green veins or green with gray and white veins are a top choice right now, especially for those going with muted green cabinetry. Countertops, island tops, and backsplashes, all made of durable marble, create a cohesive look.
  4. Seamless Counters and Backsplashes - The days of separate tile or wallpaper backsplashes to offset the cabinets and counters are gone. Seamlessly integrated countertops and backsplashes, especially in that desirable marble, are a kitchen remodeling focal point that can singlehandedly change the entire appearance of the whole space.
  5. Open Storage - Whether it is open shelving or cabinets and hutches with glass doors, open storage that turns dishware and display pieces into decor is also making a comeback according to many kitchen redesign companies.

If you have been spending more time in your kitchen these days, you are not alone.

A little kitchen remodeling can turn a bland or outdated kitchen into the inspirational workspace of your dreams.

Call a local kitchen remodeler today and talk about the ways to transform your kitchen in 2022!