Consider The Many Aspects of Building Site Preparation

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Part of the preparation involved in preparing a site for the start of new construction is obvious such as the demolition of any existing buildings!

Yet developers generally do not include site preparation costs in their proposals because the site preparation process can reveal problems that were not obvious on the surface, making exact quoting virtually impossible.

Here are some building site preparation services that a builder will need done.


Any existing buildings on the site should be demolished, including buildings and warehouses.

Demolition is a dangerous process and is carefully regulated.

  • Before starting the demolition, services such as gas, electricity, and water should be turned off, any rainwater and sewage should be closed, and the site should be fenced to protect the public.

  • Adjacent properties may also need some protection.

  • If buildings contain asbestos, then demolition will have to comply with special safety conditions.

After demolition of any existing building, site leveling will be done and uneven areas filled and vegetation, soil, and trash should be properly disposed.

Tree Preservation

If there are mature trees on the properly, local HOAs and zoning restrictions may require that you save them.

The location of trees to be preserved will be considered at an early stage in the site preparation planning process; however, the builder will also need to consider this during construction, which may involve marking the trees so that they can be easily identified if necessary restrained for their protection.

Fences, Signs, and Security

A fence should be installed around the site preparation area and remain in place until the construction is completed.

Safety signs should be configured to meet security requirements and ensure the safety of everyone on the construction site.

Anyone coming to the site should be able to read and understand any dangers or risks and access the site through designated and clearly marked entry and exit zones.

Accident Prevention

Accidents can often be avoided with proper training and the important factor of continuity.

You can't just do a short interview, get people to sign a form, and then forget about applying safety and health standards when doing site preparation.

Safety should be a topic that is regularly discussed so that employees doing any site work are aware of any changes and do not forget what they already know.

Field managers should conduct a thorough risk assessment as well as safety and health strategy and carry out regular worksite inspections that are done by trained and reliable employees.

Accidents can be prevented overnight by stopping any electronic devices and equipment which would include any power generator used to supply electricity to the worksite.

A Summary

Finally, the entire worksite must be closed and protected so that no one can enter, get injured, or cause an accident after work ends for the day.

A night guard is recommended in certain areas which will also save your construction site from possible theft of construction equipment and materials.

Never leave valuables at your building construction worksite!