Fresh New Ideas for a Unique Bathroom Remodel!

When investing in bathroom remodeling, there are countless ideas a homeowner can choose to include in their design.

While many include traditional bathroom makeover upgrades like switching the hardware and faucets or adding a new type of bathtub, there are also some more unique ideas to consider that can really stand out far more than just changing the appearance of what is already there.

These fresh new ideas can add some uniqueness to bathroom remodels by thinking outside the box to add beauty, utility, and warmth in fun ways!

  • Window Walls - Letting more light into the bathroom is a common goal of bathroom remodeling. Instead of adding just windows, an entire window wall made with one-way privacy glass can really change the entire space.
  • Open Shower Spaces - Do away with tight, enclosed shower stalls and open up the shower space into a much larger area. Whether partially enclosed in glass or fully open with no walls, bathroom makeovers with open showers allow the entire room to look more spacious and comfortable while still leaving enough room to contain overspray.
  • Creative Showerheads - Speaking of showers, adding a creative and stylish showerhead like a rain or waterfall showerhead or perhaps decorative pendant showerheads can completely change the atmosphere when doing bathroom remodels
  • Wooden Shower and Bath Floors - Chestnut-colored wooden slat floors not only look warm and cozy, but they lend the appearance of a Scandinavian or Japanese spa. Wood floors in an oversized shower and around the tub look beautiful and natural, creating a clean, minimalist appearance with pristine white porcelain and chrome, stainless, or black fixtures.   
  • Move The Sink - Positioning the sink and vanity away from the wall is a change that will be immediately noticed. Freestanding, this fixture can act as a part of a glass dividing wall to contain a shower space or simply leave the wall space for the shower and bathtub in a bathroom remodel that mixes components around unexpectedly, but attractively. 
  • Paint It Blue - The color blue creates a calming and comforting effect, making it the perfect color for a relaxing luxury bathroom. Use various shades of blue in a bathroom makeover in lieu of stark white everywhere and feel the difference!

For some, the bathroom is the favorite room in the house where peaceful relaxation and self-care take place.

Using unique bathroom remodeling ideas like these, homeowners can miraculously transform their plain bathrooms and turn them into private luxury spas!