Hardwood or Laminate in the Kitchen – Which is More Economical?

Hardwood flooring in the kitchen has a beautiful, traditional look to it and is a highly desired improvement in many kitchen remodels for the classic look that hardwoods can create.

Yet hardwood can add a bit of expense to a kitchen renovation, although it is more economical than some other options like ceramic tile, it can still be cost-prohibitive for some.

The cost of real hardwood flooring is one reason why some opt for laminate flooring instead.

Is choosing wood-look laminate the best option for your kitchen remodeling budget?

Wear and Tear

Laminate flooring looks like hardwood flooring, but it is half the price which makes it a very attractive option when you just have to have that classic country kitchen look.

Some who are planning for kitchen remodeling even claim that laminate is a better choice over hardwood because hardwood can be damaged by spills, but so can most laminate flooring.

Also, hardwood can be affected by burns and gouge but so can laminate.

They are very similar in most cases, except for one.

Price Considerations

The biggest benefit to using laminate for a kitchen remodel is that it looks just like wood and in most cases, acts just like wood but is produced less expensively.

It is one of the best flooring bargains out there for sure and in many cases, it is more than durable enough in a kitchen that gets light to average use.

It is definitely a great option when there just isn’t enough money to get a real wood floor done along with everything else plus it is also very easy and fast to install.

Longevity vs. Cost

The biggest benefit to holding out long enough until your budget for a kitchen remodel can cover the cost of the real hardwood is that unlike laminate, hardwood flooring can be refinished.

Scuffed, scratched, burned and wet laminate in the kitchen must be replaced while hardwoods can simply be refinished.

So – Is it Hardwood or Laminate For Your Kitchen Floor?

Hardwood boards have been used as flooring in kitchens for centuries and there is no reason to stop doing so today.

While it does cost more, sometimes twice the price of laminate, figuring the cost of real hardwood flooring into your kitchen remodeling plan is the most economical option for some because it can be refinished if it becomes damaged.

For others, committing to taking good care of a laminate floor is a more feasible kitchen renovation choice.

Both are great options in the right homes that can turn a tired looking kitchen into a brand new work space.