Land Clearing Mistakes to Avoid When Building A New Home

Moving forward with the plan to build a home on a pre-owned plot of land is an exciting time for anyone starting this project.

Yet before any work can start, it is important to bring in experienced land clearing contractors who can prepare the lot and the building site so that work can begin.

Professional land clearing services are essential, even on a less densely wooded lot, as this is a critical first step that can affect the entire building project.

Avoid these mistakes by hiring a professional land clearing company to kick off every building project and gain peace of mind that things will progress as planned!

  1. Don’t DIY Land Clearing Services - Though clearing a smaller lot can seem easy enough to do, it’s best to hire a land clearing service to take care of it after sharing the building plans with them. There is more to site preparation for building than just underbrush removal and cutting a few trees, and a professional land clearing company that is also experienced with site preparation will know how to best handle this first important step.
  2. Don’t Skip an In-Person Assessment and Estimate - While some land clearing contractors might give estimates based on videos or word of mouth, it is always best to insist on an in-person estimate after they assess the property in real-time. Drainage issues, lot slope, large rocks, tree sizes, and woods density must all be taken into consideration and without the contractor getting an actual look at the land, the possibility for inaccurate estimates is high.
  3. Don’t Take Out Too Many Trees – Having a land clearing service leave in some mature and growing trees is recommended, for both aesthetic reasons and to protect drainage, wildlife habitat, and even offer more shade around the house that will eventually sit there.
  4. Don’t Take Out Too Few Trees - On the other hand, distressed and dying trees, trees growing too close to the building spot, and others that could interfere with the building project in different ways or become a risk later should be assessed and removed, regardless of how beautiful they might be.
  5. Don’t Skip Brush Clearing - Even if many trees will be left behind, brush clearing by land clearing contractors with the right equipment is essential to beautiful a lot of land while also making it safer and more fire-proof. Brush clearing is not as easy as it looks and still requires some heavy-duty mowing and clearing equipment to get it all out to prevent regrowth.

In summary, though new home builders likely wish to save money wherever they can, it is best not to forego professional land clearing contractors to do so.

The future of the entire home building project rests on good site preparation and the first essential step of site preparation is bringing in a land clearing company to get the ball rolling.