Looking At Effective Corrosion Protection for Metal Water Storage Tanks!

Corrosion is what happens when metal is exposed to liquid and oxygen at the same time.

The chemical reaction that occurs is known in corrosion engineering as oxidation or in simpler terms, rusting.

Dedicated to finding the most effective ways in which to prevent oxidative damage to expensive water storage tanks, corrosion engineers find that there is a process that can tackle many causes of corrosion and slow it down or eliminate it altogether.

It is an effective method that corrosion engineering services can use to protect many types of tanks which, due to the metal they are made from or the construction methods used, are especially prone to rusting.

Prevent Corrosion With Protective Coatings

Among the most popular methods that corrosion engineers use to prevent corrosion of water storage tanks, protective coatings are the most popular as they are the easiest to use.

Corrosion engineering has helped in the development of various coatings that can be used in different applications depending on tank metal, the liquid being stored within the tank, local climate and air conditions, and many other factors.

Overall, protective coatings are reasonably effective in most uses; however, they must be properly applied by experienced corrosion engineering services and only after draining, cleaning, and drying the metal.

Prevent Corrosion With Cathodic Protection

The second most effective method for preventing metal tank corrosion is cathodic protection, which uses an electrical current to polarize the tank so that all parts of the vessel as well as its contents have electrons of the same type.

This polarization reduces or eliminates the effects of oxygen against the metal, essentially eliminating the oxidative process.

There are numerous methods in which corrosion engineering services can apply this method based on individual tank construction, tank contents, and other variables that can affect the corrosive process.

Corrosion Control Also Depends on The Tank Material

According to corrosion engineering professionals, the best system for protecting water storage tanks against corrosion depends on the materials it is made from and what each tank is being used for.

Some tanks require only coatings, some only cathodic protection, and others may require both and numerous types to prevent corrosion on both the exterior and interior of the tank.

Rely On Experienced Corrosion Engineering Services

Regardless, protective coatings and cathodic protection in whatever combination they are required are the most successful systems that corrosion engineers currently recommend for maintaining metal water storage vessels for long periods.

Companies that use these liquid storage units should refer their corrosion prevention needs to experienced corrosion engineering services that will individually analyze their needs and provide the most effective corrosion prevention tank maintenance solutions.