Planning A Room Addition? Answer These Important Questions First!

A room addition is a big project for homeowners seeking to add more usable space to their current homes.

As simple as it might seem to just call a room addition contractor and direct them to the spot the new room should be added, there are some important questions that need answering first.

Additions are expensive home improvement projects.

To ensure they turn out the way the homeowner hopes and provide the enjoyment they deserve, homeowners need to really think about the details of their project and plan it well.

  1. Does Local Zoning Permit An Addition? - Not all neighborhoods allow homeowners to make room additions to their homes. Before doing anything else and potentially investing a lot of money in a project that could cause problems, confirm with a room addition company that an addition is allowable and any specific requirements that must be met for it to be legal.
  2. What Will It Cost? - Next, research what the addition will cost and then come up with the funding for the project. A basic addition built by a room addition contractor may cost more than anticipated. Make sure there is more than enough money to fund the project before committing to anything. 
  3. Will It Achieve The Desired Result? - Consider at length whether the room addition will achieve the goal of adding space to the house. Will the additional room make living in the home easier and more comfortable or will there still be space constraints? With the help of a room addition contractor, make sure the plan actually provides benefits before spending the money. 
  4. Are There Easier, Less Costly Alternatives? - Depending on the home design, a room addition might be accomplished in an easier way in the form of a finished basement or turning an attic into a living space. It is also possible to rework existing spaces to divide them up differently and create more individual rooms in the same space. Should a room addition be too expensive or challenging, these ideas might work instead. 
  5. Will The Addition Increase Home Value? - Some additions can increase the value of a home, while others may not. Room additions might not bring a large return on investment, but that may not matter if it makes the home more comfortable for those currently living in it. Still, return on investment and home value should be considered before homeowners invest the money. Value can be increased by including elements that are more desirable, like an additional bathroom, lots of closet space, and useful amenities that align with the purpose of the new room.

After considering these important details, homeowners should have a clearer understanding of whether their decision to add a room addition is worthwhile and will benefit them in the ways that they hope.

Contact an experienced room addition company that can assist with the designing of the perfect addition and then build it!