Residential and Commercial Fences Serve Different Purposes

Whether you are putting up fences around a home or a business, choosing the right type for the job is critical.

Fencing services can install anything you want, anywhere you want it, but that does not mean that a specific fence is the best option for the location and the need.

Residential Fence Purposes

Residential fences are generally designed to look good while also creating a property boundary to keep kids and pets in and wandering strangers out.

Yet as most residential installations done by a fencing service tend to be shorter, around 4 feet high or so, they are not designed for the degree of security that can actually keep determined trespassers out.

Commercial Fence Purposes

To protect commercial properties, tall chain link is the ideal and most popular choice in many instances, as it is very strong, easy to have installed by a fencing company, and affordable.

It can also be reinforced at the top with security wire to prevent anyone from climbing over.

Chain link can also be fitted with inserts to block visual access, reducing the distraction of whatever might be stored behind it.

Thick wire mesh is another good option.

When Looks and Privacy Are Both Important

In locations where you want the best of both worlds with a secure fence that looks great, try wood or PVC privacy fencing, metal bar fencing, or any kind of solid board installation with no spaces for visual access or climbing.

Privacy fences installed by fencing companies, available in 6-foot and 8-foot heights, do a much better job of actually securing a residential property, and are popular for commercial uses when looks matter.

Whether containing pets, blocking the view of your yard lot, or deterring wildlife or trespassers from entering, taller privacy fences can work.

When Chain Link Fences Won't Work

Additionally, in locations where chain link, which is not very attractive, will detract from the look of the property, wrought iron, aluminum, or other types of metal bar fences are secure while still looking nice.

It is also ideal for areas where safety is a concern but you don’t want to block visual access, like around pools and playgrounds.

Walls made of stone, cement, or brick are also options when designed to fit the appearance of the property they secure.

The Choice of Fencing Is Almost Endless!

There are fences in countless types and styles that can fit any need.

Before choosing yours, discuss it with a local fencing service to be sure it will serve its essential purpose, whether that is to simply look nice, to keep the dog from getting out or prevent access to your swimming pool, or to protect a business against theft and vandalism after closing hours.