Which Water Storage Tank is Right For Your Community?

When it comes to water storage tanks, the selection is massive.

So how does any municipality choose the right one for their community’s needs?

Choosing the best water tanks always starts with a careful assessment of needs and setup environment.

Elevated or Ground Storage

The first and most important decision to be made when deciding on municipal water storage tanks is whether an elevated tank is desired or a ground storage tank is necessary.

The main factor in determining which of these tanks will serve the need better is ground elevation.

When tanks can be set on higher elevation to facilitate delivery to the community, ground or standpipe water tanks are sufficient.

When ground elevation is a problem, elevated water storage tanks can be a better option.

Another benefit of ground tanks, which can also be used at lower elevations when equipped with the right pumping equipment, is that they can be built in much larger sizes to handle potable and emergency water needs.

Size and Equipment Requirements

The general rule in sizing water storage tanks is to store - in however many tanks are necessary - enough water to supply the entire community for at least one full day.

Taking ground elevation into consideration, the choice must then be based on where the tanks must be located, whether elevated tanks or ground tanks are necessary, and the ability to equip and maintain ground tanks with necessary pumping equipment if they end up being the preferred option.

In turn, pumping system choice is directly related to tank size, height, and location.

Maintenance Requirements

Long-term maintenance is also another critical consideration that must go into the decision on which water storage tank is right for a specific community.

The reason is that proper maintenance such as cleaning and re-applying protective coatings as well as regulatory inspections frequently require the tank to be taken offline and drained.

This must be planned for in advance, starting with how taking water storage tanks offline can be handled by the community water service without disrupting that service.

Make the Right Water Storage Tank Selection

Choosing the best water tank for any community is a complicated decision that takes many factors into account, from the size of the community being serviced to the elevation of the land.

In the best circumstances, a community should plan so they end up with enough water storage to serve everyone, in the number and sizes of tanks required, even when some water storage tanks are offline for maintenance, inspections, or repairs.